Welcome to the Escalante Ranch

The Escalante Ranch is located in Northeastern Utah in the town of Jensen adjacent to Dinosaur National Monument.  The ranch is surrounded by the Green River and breathtaking views in all directions.  The Escalante ranch location provides an excellent environment for some of the richest soil for alfalfa and grain production, as well as offers hunting and wildlife viewing for a multitude of wildlife species.Escalante Ranch Jensen Utah

Visitors to the Escalante Ranch area can enjoy all the ranch has to offer, as well as a variety of activities in the surrounding areas from white water rafting, hiking, and camping, to fishing in some of the world’s finest blue ribbon trout streams.  Visitors can also enjoy some of the world’s best dinosaur fossils in Dinosaur National Monument.  Viewing pictographs and petroglyphs from Native Americans and history about outlaws like Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid can also be taken in from a variety of locations.

The Escalante Ranch historically was named after the Escalante-Dominguez expedition that explored the area in 1776.  The Franciscan missionaries Fray Francisco Antanasio Dominguez and Fray Silvestre Velez de Escalante, some of the earliest explorers, who were searching for an overland route between the older settlements of New Mexico to the new ones on the coast of California, actually camped and crossed the green river at the ranch location.

The Escalante Ranch is truly one of the most remarkable ranches located in one of the most amazing areas in the world.