Escalante Ranch hay varieties consistently produce Relative Feed Values (RFV) in excess of 170 and have been independently tested as high as 240. Every field is tested and results are available upon request.Escalante Ranch Allfalfa FieldOur hay also consistently tests well for protein. On average, protein levels are 22% and test as high as 25%.Large acreage fields cultivated as individual units create a consistent premium hay product with carefully established irrigation, fertilization, and harvesting criteria.We use the latest equipment to ensure quality. Our Massey Ferguson balers are equipped with the HayBoss automatic preservative application system. This system utilizes state of the art sensing technology to continuously take moisture readings and automatically adjust preservative application rates. Our Customer Service Representatives can arrange for delivery on a flat bed trailer, enclosed trailer, even covered with tarps on request. We will call your designated carrier, or use one of the carriers we have pre qualified to deliver your premium hay purchase on time. Our shipping department has an 80’ state certified digital scale on site. Not only does this scale increase efficiency for inbound and outbound logistics, but it ensures your freight weight will always be accurate.Escalante Ranch Hay Production - Jensen UTUTAH is one of the top hay producers in the United States. Escalante Ranch’s high elevation and geographic location create prime conditions for producing an exceptional Alfalfa Hay and Grains.
Escalante Ranch has the capability to service and deliver premium hay to all 50 states as well as exporting worldwide.

Our ranch cultivates over 1900 acres for crop production.

The Escalante Ranch annually produces four (4) quality cuttings of Alfalfa yearly and grains of exceptional quality.

Standard bale size is 3’ x 4’ x 8’ with an average weight of 1,250 pounds.


Alfalfa Hay Sales