Big Game Hunting

Bull Elk Huntingelk-hunting-4

Bull Elk Hunting on the Escalante Ranch is truly a one of a kind experience.  We offer fully guided bull elk hunts on private property that shows you why the Escalante Ranch is one of the West’s best kept secrets.

Hunters can expect to see 200-300 elk daily and be selective on taking the bull they want.  Average bulls taken are 300 – 340 class bulls.  Hunters will spot and stalk or utilize one of our many tower blinds to harvest their trophy bull.

Rifle Bull Elk season starts typically the first two weeks of October.  Rifle Bull Elk hunts are $6,900.00 with meals and lodging included.  License, taxidermy, and meat processing your trophy Bull Elk is not included.  There is no draw required as we are in an open bull unit.  Licenses can be obtained at:





Cow Elk Hunting


Cow Elk hunts start in October and run through the end of January.  Escalante Ranch cow elk hunts provide hunters of all ages a unique opportunity to successfully harvest a mature cow elk for a reasonable price.  Three day Cow Elk hunts start at $1,900.00 with lodging included.  Licenses, tags, and meat processing are not included.  Licenses can be obtained at:






Mule Deer Huntingmule-deer

Mule Deer hunts offered on the Escalante Ranch provide hunters the opportunity of that trophy buck of a lifetime.  Hunters will have to draw a limited entry tag for the area due to the limited amount of mule deer.  However when you draw a tag hunters can expect that 180-200 class mule deer buck of a lifetime. Mule deer hunts are $8,500.00 with meals and lodging included.  For information on applying for Utah Mule Deer go to: